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I touched some months ago on my Facebook page how disability had enforced parameters which I now needed to accept and integrate within my creative practice. I have struggled using my camera’s and suffer after each foray. So to continue to engage with my creative self I have begun a project captured, edited, photoshopped and distributed entirely by the mobile phone. It has enabled me to process feelings about waiting for further surgery, chronic pain, and fatigue. This has also helped to balance my mental health and well being within my life. I hope you enjoy these images and their playfulness.

Full Circle

I sit here looking out to the sky, wishing I could be there.

Down the garden, a haven awaits.

A morning dose of beautiful light. I have an obsession with collecting objects, my cupboards are full of the excess but others are on display. Each object raises a narrative. Drawing me into its presence, materiality and agency. I question and consider it’s motive because it’s more than just a thing.

My tiny studio shelf and its collection of curious things.

Underneath the Pohutukawa trees, I sit and wait.

Wandering the streets of Whanganui, some textures caught my eye.

If you ever doubted which way to go today wasn’t it.

I love driving on the beach and finding ephemeral sculptures that day trippers make.

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