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Subjective experience and notions of identity provide motivation for my current practice. I have had five spinal surgeries and two hip surgeries, over a period of eleven years, as a result of an accident. This has meant my experience of the world as disabled but not severely has had certain implications. In my Art research I seek to understand why this experience has had such an impact on me, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I find that the process of generating artworks helps me to process feelings in regards to physical restrictions, personal loss and long periods of healing and rehabilitation. It has been suggested that I will never be ‘fixed’ and that I will spend the remainder of my life managing pain. I have undergone many hours with pain psychologists to come to terms with my now-altered world. I have limitations, but I wonder if the act of making will also be an act of healing. Perhaps I will find my self-worth again and reconfigure a new me, not defined by my previous achievements but instead nurturing hope for the future. 2014-2016 has been challenging for work output with recovery of surgeries, (cartilage repair in my knee, revision spinal surgery and a full hip replacement) I am looking forward to kickstarting projects in 2017.

Works are for sale and enquires are welcome at or p:+64 27979352


Upcoming Exhibition

to be advised.

Past Exhibitions

at a+e Gallery.

Internal Landscapes.

16 Dec - 28 Dec 2013.

cnr Tennyson & Hastings Sts, Napier.

30upstairs Gallery.

Internal Landscapes.

24 Oct - 13 Nov 2013.

30 Courtenay Place,

Engine Room Gallery. Transcendence of the temporal within narrative.

February 23 - March 18 2013.

Massey University, WTGN.